Building custom battery solutions for all industries and services


Sometimes, the battery packs you require are only available as standard products. But don’t worry, at TBS we can help you with building the battery you require, regardless of its size or shape.

Contact a member of the TBS team and lets start the process of turning your battery or charger from a design concept into a full production unit, or alternatively use the form on the contact page and a member of the team will be happy to call you straight back.

At TBS our helpful team will discuss all the relevant details of your project to ensure that the solutions we provide are the right one for your application.

bespoke-designed-battery-packsDesign Proposal
Once we have the technical and commercial details for the project, TBS will produce a design proposal for the project, with full overview of your battery requirements and technical details for you to review. We will also provide a quotation and any additional charges that may be required to take the project forward such as NRE and qualification costs.

After the design proposal has been accepted and approved, TBS will produce if required a set of sample battery packs to the full specification set out in the design specification against the agreed time scales.

Lithium Ion batteries require qualification depending on the application sector and the destination of the product. TBS will work with you to ensure that your custom battery pack meets the necessary qualifications required for the market sector.

Once your custom battery pack is in full production, TBS will work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and deliver product on time.

Total Battery Solutions is committed to provide our customer with varied options for their applications and therefore has designed and packaged a range of batteries and chargers that could be used in many market sectors.

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