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The CX3 charger is an automatic operation device, plug and go. It also allows manual control via a toggle switch for off/on.

cx3-battery-chargerTheCX3 comes pre- configured for 3S and 4S lithium ion only. The constant voltage(CV) is preset to 4.35V/series cell so for a 3S this is set to 13.05V Caution the newest highest capacity cells at 2.8AH and 3AH are charged at a higher CV then cells up to 2.6AH which need a CV of 4.2V. Using this CX3 with 2.6AH cells will cause the battery protector to trip, and if it does not trip the 2.6AH cells will be stressed.

The constant current(CC) charge is preconfigured to 3A +/-10% .Caution Maximum charge rate for lithium NMC cells is usually quoted by cell manufactures as 0.7C so for a 3AH cell that is 2.1A. Charging such a cell at 3A will adversely affect its cycle life.

Charge termination is by taper current at about 10% of charge rate that is for a 3A charge around 300mA

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CX3 models CV
Data sheets
TBSCX3-3S2A 12.6V+/-1%2A+/-10%3 series li-on, 2A chargeData
TBSCX3-3S3A 12.6V+/-1%3A+/-10%3 series li-on, 3A chargeData
TBSCX3-4S2A 16.8V+/-1%2A+/-10%4 series li-on, 2A chargeData
TBSCX3-4S3A 16.8V+/-1%3A+/-10%4 series li-on, 3A chargeData
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