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The CX4 is a small, plug in compact lithium ion charger providing cell manufacturers recommended charge algorithm of  CC/CV for 4.2V  cell technology 1s & 2s connected cells.

cx4-battery-chargersThe charge controller delivers a constant current of 1.2A followed by a  4.2V constant voltage phase.

Charge termination is by taper current in the constant voltage phase.

Pre-charge for low cell voltage is provided along with a safety timer.

Charge and recharge is fully automatic.

Three channel LED status advises user of operational status . Blue LED is power good, stat1 and stat2 are the operating green LEDs.

Input connectivity is an AC BS three pin plug, earth is not connected.

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ACInput 20W, 50Hz-60Hz90Vac-250V ac
CCConstant current1.2A +/- 8%
CVconstant voltage4.2 / 8.4V +/- 1%
TopDesign operating ambient0C to 50C
BABattery absentOFFOFF
ChrgCharge in progressONOFF
ChrgdCharge doneOFFON
FaultTimed out, temp, prechargePULSEOFF
PwBlue LED on when powered
Part Number
Charge Voltage
Charge Current
TBSCX4-1S1.2ALithium Ion/Polymer4.2V1.2AData
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