Our range of smart battery packs

Total Battery Solutions Lithium Ion Smart battery for the industrial markets

lithium-ion-battery-packA fully featured primary and one shot secondary protection system with, coulomb counting Fuel Gauge compliant with SMBUS rev.1.1for battery data and including a manual [5LED] State of Charge (SOC), making the TBS Li-Powerpak a fully reliable and safety compliant smart battery, packed with the latest technology.

Housed in a designer box in ABS the Li-PowerPak comes in a wide range of options.

In addition the Li-Powerpak can operate as a level 2 SMBUS charge controller by specifying “SB” after TBSPP, ex TBSPPSB-3S3P97.

Total Battery Solutions also had a complete range of Battery chargers to accompany this battery range.

Contact us today and talk with a member of the TBS team, we are happy to help. Call TBS on 01202 539254 or email us info@totalbatterysolutions.co.uk and a member of our team will call you right back.

The TBS is available in the following models.

Cell Stack
Energy WH
Capacity AH
Operating Voltage
Data Sheet
TBSPP‐2S4P772S4P7710.46.0 to 8.4Data
TBSPP‐3S3P843S3P847.89.0 to 12.6Data
TBSPP‐4S2P774S2P775.212.0 to 16.8Data
TBSPP‐2S4P802S4P8011.26.0 to 8.4Data
TBSPP‐3S3P903S3P908.49.0 to 12.6Data
TBSPP‐4S2P804S2P804.612.0 to 16.8
TBSPP‐2S4P862S4P86126.0 to 8.4Data
TBSPP‐3S3P973S3P9799.0 to 12.6Data
TBSPP‐4S2P864S2P86612.0 to 16.8Data


IlNominal max laod4.5A
Il tripNominal trip5A
Il trip hyst.Nominal time to trip3s
Il short 1Nominal short cct14A
Il short 1Nominal time to trip31ms
Il short 2Nominal short cct27.5A
Il short 2Nominal time to trip425us
OvervoltageAny cell4.3V
OvervoltageTime to trip2S
UndervoltageAny cell2.3V
UndervoltageTime to trip2S
cell one shotAny cell4.45V
cell one shotTime to trip2S
iq opOperating current600uA
Iq sleepSleep current150uA
Iqshut downAny cell <2.1V5uA
temp chargeTrip45C
temp disch.Trip60C
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